March 7, 2012

livvy+claire {sweet twins}

I was so excited to get the call the do photos for these sweet twin girls. Yes, they are identical. I'm glad that I remembered a couple of the shots differently for each of them. Aren't they seriously precious?
 One of them is Livvy, and the other is Claire. I can't tell you which one is which.

 These little ruffle rombers have me wanting a baby girl SO bad. How cute.
Their daddy was such a big help. So sweet. He's pretty much outnumbered at his house with 6 little girls now... wow.


Kynsie said...

These seriously can't get cuter. Tiff - SUCH a good job! :) I love looking at your work.

More Bacon said...

So stinking adorable!!

tiffany said...

thank you!!