November 4, 2010

{Nicole} Utah Senior photography

 Meet Nicole. Doesn't she have the prettiest smile. well, she's got the personality too. I love her. We had a great time at the farm, and some of us even made friends with the farm cat. (kind of funny.) She's got such a good sense of style and accessories to match it all. love it.

Leave me a message. I'd love to see who's stopping in. Thanks for coming!!


{lex} said...

Love these backdrops. Do you know which farm these were taken at? For our pics in a couple of weeks I am looking for something like this brick wall or somewhere outdoors that is old/antique looking or just maybe even a beautiful place where we can capture those wonderful Rocky Mountains that I miss soooo much. :) You are an amazing talent Tiff.

Kelley said...

Tiffany these are PHENOMENAL! Love them all! Now you REALLY have to teach me to use my camera!